Inner Circle RewardsSM Customer Loyalty Program Rules

General Conditions

The Inner Circle RewardsSM customer loyalty program (the "Program") is sponsored by Daimler Truck North America ("DTNA") and its participating dealers in the United States and Canada. By participating in the Program, members are bound by the following Program rules (the "Rules").

Membership Eligibility

Membership in the Program is open to residents of the United States and Canada who are eighteen (18) years of age or older and are employees of the following types of qualifying businesses that patronize a participating DTNA dealer: owner operators, fleets with up to 499 units, or independent repair facilities. Membership is void where prohibited by law. DTNA and the participating dealers assume no liability for member interactions in the Program that are contrary to the regulations and laws of the member’s country, state, or province of residence.

Enrollment in the Program is voluntary. There are no fees to enroll or participate in the Program. Members must accept the Rules to participate in the Program and will not receive benefits until the Rules are accepted.

A customer becomes a member in the Program immediately upon enrollment and acceptance of the Rules and remains a member until the account is closed. If a company has multiple unique accounts on, each must individually enroll in the Program to receive available discounts, if any. All accounts of a company are not automatically enrolled or guaranteed access or eligibility to participate in the Program. Individual employees of a qualifying business should enroll as members in the Program at their dealer via, if eligible.

Access to the Program & Dealer Participation is a website managed by DTNA for participating dealers in the United States and Canada. Individual dealers may choose to offer the solution to their customers, where available. Only dealers that participate on may offer the Program to their customers. Not all dealers that participate on will offer the Program, and therefore Program availability is not guaranteed.


Selected products may be offered at a discount to some or all members participating in the Program on To view or receive the discount, a customer must be participating in the Program and have accepted the Rules.

Offers may not be transferred to other members or customers. Offers may not be valid for all members. Offers may be discontinued, extended, modified, or expired at any time. Upon expiration, discontinuation, or removal, an offer is no longer valid for the member and may not be applied to any transaction.

Selected products that are offered at a discount are only eligible for purchases completed on, where available to the member. Any and all purchases made through other means outside of (including phone, walk-in, email, etc.) or made through other accounts are ineligible to receive the offered price.

Promotions & Benefits

By participating in the Program, members may occasionally be presented with limited-time promotions and benefits sponsored by DTNA. Promotions and benefits may be limited to specific members, dealers, regions, or by other limitations as determined by DTNA. There may also be additional restrictions on length, eligibility, and validity that will be administered at the sole discretion of DTNA and/or the participating dealer. DTNA may choose to add, remove, or modify member benefits at any time, for any reason.

Change in Dealer Status

If a participating dealer goes out of business, is sold, or otherwise chooses to no longer participate in the Program, all members assigned to that dealer will be un-enrolled from Inner Circle Rewards, effective immediately. All affected member accounts will be closed. Members will forfeit their right to earn and receive discounts through the Program at their dealer. Any and all benefits awards to member accounts will be terminated.

Marketing Communications

During the initial enrollment process for the Program, members will have the ability to choose their opt-in preferences for marketing communications. Members may choose to receive email and direct mail from Daimler Truck North America, the Program, and the participating dealer.

A member may unsubscribe (opt-out) from receiving marketing communications about the Program at any time. This opt-out will be effective within 10 days in accordance with regulations. If a member opts-out from marketing communications, they may continue to receive certain transactional or administrative communications from DTNA, the Program or their dealer, such as registration confirmations, account statements, or transaction confirmations. Members may opt-out of email or direct mail by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link present on any email or by clicking the "My Account" navigation link and selecting the Marketing section on

Cancellation & Termination

A member may close their account or un-enroll from the Program at any time by visiting, clicking the "My Account" navigation link, and editing their loyalty program or marketing preferences under the Marketing section. A member may also request a dealer or DTNA to perform the action on their behalf. Any Program benefits afforded to and associated with the member will be immediately terminated and forfeited at the time of cancellation. If a member is enrolled at multiple dealers and the account is cancelled for any reason, then the account will be cancelled at all dealer locations. The member will be ineligible to receive future offers or benefits through the Program after account closure. When a member account is closed on, the associated Inner Circle Rewards account will be closed as well. Customers may re-enroll in the Program at any time if their account and company still meet the eligibility requirements set forth in the Rules. If a customer re-enrolls in the Program at a later time, the account history in the Program will not be reinstated.

Members agree to participate in Inner Circle Rewards in accordance to the Rules. Member accounts can be terminated by Daimler Truck North America or dealers at any time and for any reason. Members agree and understand that any discounts, offers, or other benefits will be immediately forfeited when an account is terminated or when the Program is terminated.


Daimler Truck North America is committed to protecting member information and privacy. The information provided to the Program will be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy. To read the Privacy Policy, visit Member participation is subject to the Privacy Statements and the Terms and Conditions described herein.

Additional Information

DTNA reserves the right to modify, change, or cancel the Program at any time and without advance notice. Any and all changes to the Program terms and conditions are considered effective immediately and are binding upon all members immediately.

The laws of the State of Oregon, without regard to its conflict of laws rules, will govern these Rules. If any legal action relating to the Member’s use of Inner Circle Rewards or these terms, the Member agrees to file such action only in the state or federal courts located in Multnomah County, Oregon.

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